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ACER aspire 5652 WMLi


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hi all,

i have a question to my acer aspire 5652 wmli.

i wanna know if i can upgrade my gpu and if yes, whats the best card i can buy ( a geforce go 7800 gtx would be nice :) )

i have a geforce go 7600/256mb in my laptop.


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hi there, i've got a Nvidia 8600M GS in my Acer 5652.

Does somebody know if this laptop is MXM able? My graphic card was fried yesterday and I'm trying to find out if it's MXM or not.

My laptop has this funky light-yellow slot you can screw open (see similar slot here: http://www.xoticpc.com/reviews/3295%20HEL80/hel80cpubay.jpg) but that seems to be the slot for the dual core processor, right?

There is no mark of Nvidia there, and it says intel something, so probably that's the slot for my processor.

In sketch, the internals of my laptop look like this:

upper right corner: fan + heatsink, nothing underneath there

the heatsink leads to a yellow slot that holds my intel dual core cpu (??) in the top middle

the heatsink here is shaped as an x like a spider, that is equiped with screws with jumpsprings to hold the heat sink close overhead the cpu (??)

then the heatsink leads further to another square cpu alike thing, that has no markings whatsoever.

any ideas? (ill post a photo tonight)

ps: I do have Acer Advantage 3 yrs insurance on the laptop... still half a year to go. Should I send it back to Acer to have them repair my baby?

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