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Overclocking 7600Go


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Hello ! :)

So, i have search first before post this topic, but i didn't find that what i seek.

As some users, i want to overclock a bit my 7600go, i saw topic whose deal with "Can't overclock 7600go on my Toshiba notebook".

The probleme is : i could overclock my 7600go with 84.63 drivers, but now i can't with my 162.18.

And because i have a HP dv9051ea, i can't modify a lot of thinks in the BIOS.

So, anyone have a solution to try to overclock it ? (i tried ATItools, Coolbit v3, Rivatuner), but defaults clocks come back always after Aplly new clocks.

Thanks to answer. :) (and to forgive me if i don't talk perfectly English) :P

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"I use 101.28 and I have an HP. Overclocking works just fine. I use 101.28 because it gave me pretty good performance."

Really ? But last drivers improves FPS in last games i think, of course last drivers don't increase benchmark.

I mean, i think it's better to have last drivers to play recents games isn't it ?

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101.28 is just a tad over two months "old"...

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What about 101.33 - at least it should support your card and is quite new.

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Well, probably it's at least coming...

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