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Compal FL90 with GF8600M GT 256MB


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I have CALIFORNIA ACCESS M160S (the same like Compal FL90/IFL90) with GF8600M GT.

I dont know can I in futhure change my 8600 to new 8800M GT/GTX.

Somebody can help me?

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* Compal does not use MXM tech as far as I know.

* The 8600 comes on a Type II card, the 8800 will probably be Type III. So, basically a 15.4" MXM notebook is unlikely to be able to handle such a card.

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CALIFORNIA ACCESS M160S (Compal IFL90) have MXM II (i have this information from producer)

Do you know notebooks with MXM III or MXM HE but must be with 15,4 not biger (and with santa rosa:D )

THX Ice-Tea

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AFAIK: none.

And no offense, but I'll believe it when I see it (about the Compal)

EDIT: Actually, it would seem you are rigth!

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As the IFL90 has only a Type II slot and the 8700's come on Type III, that's rather unlikely..

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