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Desktop Icon Mess Salvation: DIManager X


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This recovered item was posted on 2007-03-03.

I want to share a small tool with you that i use now for a year or so. It's called DIManager and was recently updated with a major version jump from v6.5.1.265 to v7.0.0.117 (Beta). It's still freeware and what is more important in these times: it's no bloatware (1 file .EXE :) and saves settings to %APPDATA%\PiX-ART.com\DIManagerX). It serves the one and only purpose: Peace of Mind - concerning an ever since annoying problem. Oh and a second one: Saves you precious time.

The new version is German only yet, but i guess the english translation is in work. If anyone is interested get in contact with the author and help spreading this nice piece of software.

You know the situation: you change your Desktop PC monitor resolution or try around installing Laptop drivers and all of your Desktop Icons get messed up when your resolution is less than the one you had before. It's always a PITA to sort them back where they belong. So here's the freeware solution, which adds the smallest amount of entries and settings to the registry (i tested other applications who added a dword reg entry for each and every icon with their desktop position coordinates and therefore spammed the registry).

Other tools in our Save Your Desktop Icons before changing resolutions thread "feature" from time to time and not reproducable a messed up Restoration of the Desktop Icons. And i'm quite happy with DIManager especially with the new version 7 (DIManager X) as this tool doesn't have the problem of "leaving empty spaces" as what Almighty1 noticed long ago.

Program description:

"DIManager X" is a small, practical tool to quickly save and restore the position of desktop icons.

When the screen resolution changes, Windows often automatically repositions the icons on the desktop. These then have to be rearranged manually to their customary positions. Here is where "DIManager X" comes to the rescue: One click, and the original order is instantly restored!

The use of this tool is absolutely simple. Two options are available to the user for saving the current icon positions: "Quick save..." and "Save in profile...". The second alternative offers the possibility to save an individual profile for each and every screen resolution. A particular profile can then be selected and loaded with a click of the mouse key. Moreover, "DIManager X" also provides the option to add a Save and a Restore menu item to the context menu of the recycle bin, where they can be conveniently accessed and instantly activated. Lastly, the highest degree of comfort is provided by the option in the settings to automatically restore the icon postions whenever the screen resolution changes. In this case no user intervention is needed.

"DIManager X" requires no installation: A double click directly starts the tool.


- Individual icon profiles for different screen resolutions/users

- Live view of the icons on the mini-desktop

- Optional automatic icon restoration on resolution change

- Option to check icon positions at regular intervals

- Automatic update function

- Compatible with Windows 2000 / XP 32BIT / NT4 / Vista 32BIT

- and several other functions

- "DIManager X" is currently available in German

- DIManager6 is currently available in German, English, Italiano and Swedish.

Here the link for more information: .

Download: .

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