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NVIDIA based Laptops: ASUS


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Below is a list of all the laptops made by ASUS that contain NVIDIA graphics chips.

The 8x00M series based laptops are in red, there are also a few new models with the go7700 that are probably also worthy of attention.

BTW the model numbers link to the ASUS website stats page for your conveniance.

These are current as of 31st July 2007.


2007-10-24: added Z53T

2007-08-09: added W7S, F3Sc, F5n; alphabetical sorted

2007-07-31: updated with a heap of models

2007-06-21: Original List made by Pieter

A6Jc go7300 128MB 15.4" Core Duo

A6Jm go7600 512MB 15.4" Core Duo

A6K go6200 128MB TC 15.4" Turion

A6Km go7300 15.4" Turion

A6M go6100 Integrated 128MB TC 15.4" Turion

A6T go7600 256MB 15.4" Turion X2

A6Tc go7300 15.4" Turion

A6Vc go6200 256MB TC 15.4" Centrino

A6Vm go7300 256MB TC 15.4" Centrino

A7M go6150 Integrated 17.1" Turion X2

A7Mb go6100 Integrated 17.1" Turion X2

A7Mc go6100 Integrated 17.1" Turion X2

A7S 8400M G 128MB 17" C2D

A7T go7600 256MB 17.1" Turion X2

A7Tb go7600 256MB 17.1" Turion X2

A7Tc go7600 256MB 17.1" Turion X2

A8Jc go7300 128MB TC 14" Core Duo

A8Jm go7600 512MB 14" Core Duo

A8Js go7700 512MB 14.1" Core 2 Duo

A8Jv Go7600SE 256MB TC 14" C2D

A8M Go6100 14" Turion

A8Sc 8400M G 128MB 14" C2D

A8Tc Go7300 128MB 14" Turion

A8Tm Go7600 256MB 14" Turion

C90 MXM-upgradeable currently up to 8600M GT 256 or 512MB 15.4" C2DE

F3Jc go7300 128MB 15.4" Core Duo

F3Jm go7600 512MB 15.4" Core Duo

F3Jv go7600 256MB 15.4" Core 2 Duo

F3M go6100 15.4" Turion

F3Sc 8400M G 128MB 15.4" C2D

F3Sv 8600M GS 256MB 15.4" C2D

F3T Go 7600 15.4" Turion

F3Tc Go 7300 15.4" Turion

F5n Go 7000 15.4" WXGA or WXGA+, AMD-based (Turion or Sempron)

F5M go6100 15.4"

F9J go7300 12.1" C2D

G1 go7700 512MB 15.4" C2D

G1S 8600M GT 256MB 15.4" C2D

G2S 8600M GT 256MB 17" C2D

L5GM go5650 64MB 15" P4-M

L5D go5650 64MB 15" Athlon64

M9J go 7300 128MB 14.1" Core Duo

W7J go7400 128MB 13.3" Core Duo

W7S 8400M GS 128MB 13.3" C2D

V1S 8600M GT 512MB 15.4 C2D

V2S 8600M GS 256MB 15.4" C2D

V6J go7400 15" Core Duo

VX1 Lamborghini go7400 512MB TC 15" Core Duo

VX2 Lamborghini go7700 512MB 15.4" C2D

VX2S Lamborghini 8600M GT 512MB 15.4" C2D

Z53T (rebadged Z92) Go 7300 or Go 6600 128MB, 15.4" Centrino, AMD Turion 64 x2

Z71V Go 6600 128MB 15.4" Centrino

Z81SP Go 6800 256MB 15.4" P4-M

Z84Jp Go 7600 512MB 17" C2D

Z92Km Go 7300 15.4" Turion

Z9201T Go 7600 256MB 15.4" Turion X2

So if you are after an NVIDIA based ASUS laptop this will save you many hours of looking up the very large range of laptops that ASUS have.

There are bound to be others I have missed, let us know if we have.

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I would kill for a list like this for ACER notebooks.

Make one, and we'll put it here for the masses to see :)

IceTea, you got some specs and/or a link to specs ?

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Added, good find, the C90 looks like a powerhouse, with c2D extreme in it, and only a 15'4" screen, this little beast will kick some arse :)

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It is. The F3Tc with a Go7300 though: http://www.asus.com.tw/products.aspx?l1=5&...amp;modelmenu=2

You probably own a regional customized model. Where are you from?

ED: Found it: USA :) http://www.asus.com/products.aspx?l1=5&amp...amp;modelmenu=2. Added it to the list. keep it coming.

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Z53T is not on the list.

It's AMD Turion 64 x2 with nVidia Geforce go 7300.

I allso got a question, but don't know if this is the right place. I have a 32bits Vista, but processor is 64bits, so I dont know whether I should get the 32bits or 64bits driver.

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32bit driver.

I'll add the Z53T.

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Thats really Strange... :)

I also have a Z53T

but I have a Geforce Go 7600 256MB

And as far as I know the Z53T is a (F3T) Not an (rebadged Z92)

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