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Hey all! Hmm, I bought a new fujitsu-siemens amilo 1538-12p couple of weeks ago.. Ok the laptop works fine, but I'm having some strange issues with the graphics card. With basic drivers it just went to blackscreen for half minute and then back to windows or just rebooted (it did this while using just a firefox etc). Okay I changed the drivers to newest one 165.01, now it doesnt do that blackscreen thing so often but still does it sometimes, what is that is the card broke or is it something else? Second problem is that VISTA gives 3.3 points for graphics performance and with original drivers it was 3.7 why is that ?

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Guest cybertron
Okay, it did it again while watching a movie... What is the prob?

I'm having the exact same problem. I'm planning to contact fujitsu about it soon as I get the chance. It's ridiculous shipping a laptop with a graphics card which doesn't function with Vista properly. An absolute outrage.

I've tried alot of things but nothing has fixed it except uninstalling the nvidia graphics card driver completely and using the default generic standard windows graphics card driver. It is quite limited in capabilities and the resolution is not as good as I'd like it to be, but it doesn't crash and that's the main thing.

You have to contact Fujitsu also. Get them to do something about it. Keep this thread updated with your latest solutions and correspondence with fujitsu.


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Hello fellow owners of this not so bad computer,

I happen to possess this laptop and indeed, Vista does not support the drivers properly. I switched to XP Pro and the supplied drivers by Fujitsu for XP work perfectly.

It is however unacceptable for those who don't want / can't switch from Vista to XP to tolerate that. I think you guys should press Fujitsu (although it's quite unprobable they will do anything) or simply change laptop...

Under XP, the performance are really good for the money.

Good luck to you to find compatibility.


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