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8600GT 512MB - Resume from Standby only shows a blank screen


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I got the Zepto Znote 6324W which is a great laptop however I'm facing one specific problem. When it goes into standby, I press the power button to resume from it but at that time, the screen remains black / blank so nothing is shown at all. The leds on the front (HDD etc.) do show that it's alive again but nothing it shown on screen. Even switching between the laptop monitor / external monitor does not change the behavior.

GeForce 8600M GT

ForceWare version: 165.01

Memory : 512MB


The system is running on Windows XP Pro SP2 and has the latest firmware installed as well. Did anyone ever faced such problems or any suggestions on what could be the cause of this behavior. Needless to say that this is pretty annoying so I'm desperately looking for a solution .... I never had any other ForceWare version installed so that can be ruled out already... :)

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Now are you getting a post screen, either a screen showing notebook company logo or specs when you power is on. I have a 8600GT 512MB that has what appears to be a no post no, powers on light, but nothing else.

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I went back to the Zepto original drivers (101.19) and that did the trick so for some reason it doesn't seem to like the ForceWare 160 series.

Download link: ftp://ftp.zepto.dk/Znote6324W/Drivers/XP/...8600M_GT_XP.exe

The Zepto drivers are rather old already (Apr/07), even within the 100 series as the latest here is 101.63 (link). I am still unsure though what the real difference between the 100 series and 160 series is.

Could there be any reason why this GeForce 8800M GT is not compatible with the 160 series?

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Guest Arcador

Hello good sirs,

I have similar problem too. The machine is Acer 5920g (aspire) but on XP (8600 gt 256 with turbo cache stuff memory). Everything is smooth except that problem. If the pc goes to standby, hard drive off or hibernation the screen does not turn on upon resuming. Sometimes you see - windows is resuming (on hibernate and hard off) and sometimes nothing (standby). As the mate said before - you see the hard drive reading and doing the stuff, but seems the video is not getting the idea - the screen remains black just as switched off. Keep in mind switching the screen off (for example making it idle for 1 min from power options) does not make this problem - it switches on without a problem.

The report so far is that it might be from the last drivers (165). For me is not an issue since I switched off standby from everything but it can be little annoying when doing some work.

So if someone have any idea how to fix it until the next drivers are out we will be happy to hear it :)

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