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GF4 440 Go and VISTA? How?


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I have a question according to this driver an the other NVIDIA-drivers. I just installed Vista an tried to install modded driver for my gForce4 440 Go 64m on my Dell Inspiron 8200. The driver was installed without any error but in the device manager I got an error and the message 'Device stopped, because error detected' (or something like that, I'm using german version) and the graphics card don't work. Maybe it's a problem with my 1600x1200 display so I already tried the mod from http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index.php?showtopic=6686 without any success. How do I correct this problem.

I'd like to use TV-Out and external monitor which don't work with standard 'Dell C840' driver from Windows Update.



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I've been trying to install the driver (100.59) from this page and the necessary modded INF several times on my DELL D800 with NVidia GeForce4 4200 Go adapter on Vista 32bit. Installation is succesful every time, but after restarting the system the driver is not used. Device Manager reports an error "Code 43".

Is this a known issue for the 4200 Go?

Are there other version than the 100.59 that I should use instead?



I have the same poblems with my gf4 4200 go. Havn't found any driver that works good under Vista... Anyone who have an idea?

BR Johan

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You need a go5200 or higher for these to install and work after a reboot.

Vista does not allow installs of lesser GPU's :)

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