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Gaming issues with 8600m GT 512mb


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My computer:

Sager 2090(Compal IFL90)

Vist Home Premium 64bit

Intel core 2 duo 2.0ghz (Santa Rosa)

1gb ram

8600m GT 512mb (158.45 drivers)

120gb 5400rpm Harddrive

Whenever I play a game (BF2, FEAR) and such I heard I would be able to play at max, or near max settings. This is simply not true. Not only do I generaly have to tone down the settings in various areas, but when playing BF2, and especially FEAR, I get constant stuttering. After around 10-20 minues of playing the 1-2 seconds stutter usually begin to stop. What is wrong? This graphics card should easily be able to handle the game.

On another note, load times for both BF2 and FEAR are insane. Were talking 5 minutes here on just waiting for the load time. And even after that, the time from when the game loads to when it actually starts is yet another minute.

Please help.


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5400RPM HDD is fine, trust me, if it were a 4200RPM then that would be something else. 7200RPM can get hot!

He does have a point about the RAM though, you want atleat 2GB DDR2 667 and 1.5GB if you wanna be cheap and push it. I don't know if RivaTuner works with Vista x64, but if it does bump the card a bit (550/450 is good with the 8600M GT 512).

My main problem with giving you advise it Vista x64, whole new set of rules I know nothing about.

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Guest rasmus

Im actually a bit dissapointed with this card...

Im running Vista64

intel core 2 duo T7300 2.0 GHz

2048 Ram

160 GB 7200 RPM HDD

And the my computer has problems just running the menues in FIFA 07 smooth..

Im hoping this is a vista 64 driver problem..

when is the official driver released?

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