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Geforce Go 6200 and World of Warcraft


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Hello, i found this website by a Nvidia technicians referal. So far it is great. I have a question, I have a Sony Vaio 1.6ghz 1gb mem w/h a Gefroce Go 6200 128mb. Every game from Fable to Halo ply great on it, but when i play World of Warcraft, after about 5 mins i get the blue screen of death. After several weeks of back and forth with Nvidia and Blizzard and Sony, everyone says i need a new video driver, although none offer one :) So, this is how i got here. My question is which driver should i use? I currently have 70.86, and am looking a posibly a 80xx diver, but what would u sugest? Any help is welcome.

Thank You

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What OS are you running?

I'm running Windows Vista Home Basic, and I currently use a 160.x driver for my Go 6150. The stock driver that came with my laptop ran WoW sluggishly. After upgrading, I've been getting constant 20-30 fps on crowded areas (low settings). While the numbers dont seem impressive on paper, it ensures smooth movement even in the middle of Shattrath, which is a huge leap compared to my old Intel 855 GME

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I am running windows XP pro SP2. is a 100+ driver compatible with my 6200?

I installed the newest driver (165xx i think?) and now i get no graphics at all on WOW :)

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