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Upgrading drivers renders webcam unusable


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Here's my laptop specs:

HP tx1000z

Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit

AMD Turion 64 X2 2.0ghz

2.0gb RAM

NVidia GeForce Go 6150

I've tried 16x.x drivers just to fix framerate issues with WoW. It worked very well. But it had a few small bugs; I couldnt access the NVidia Control Panel, Windows DEP closes rundll32.exe when I switch to an external display, and my webcam stops working.

I'm mainly concerned about the webcam.

As the description states, when I downgraded back to stock drivers (dated March 27 2007), the webcam displays a pictures again.

I test the webcam by opening HP Quickplay.

Since I don't wanna stick with the stock drivers while I'm playing WoW, I upgraded again, this time to 158.45. I don't notice any difference (no benchmarking software). I was just wondering if anyone would have an idea on how to fix the webcam thing.

edit: Well, I could access the NVidia Control Panel now and Windows DEP doesnt close rundll32.exe when I switch. Maybe because I installed using Setup instead of Have Disk? Gonna try setup to upgrade to the latest 16x.x driver later and see how that works, but the webcam's still not working. Device Manager says its working properly.

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