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Brightness Problems: Samsung X11 (Go 7400) & Q70 (8400M) & R70 (8600M GS and 8400M GS)


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* Laptop Make/Model

* Graphics Card -- device id if known

* Current Driver Version

* Last Useable Driver Version

* Operating System

* An accurate description of the issue at hand

- Samsung R70

- Nvidia 8400M GS

- 158.24 Modded INF

- 158.24

- Windows Vista Home Premium

- I installed the modded INF due to Battlefield 1942 being unplayable (no crosshairs etc etc). The modded INF fixed all of those issues but a new one has occurred. The screen is darker than usual - as it goes when the laptop is running on battery power. It's definitely plugged in (duh) and I've checked the power plans etc to see if they've been adjusted. All of the brightness/contrast levels under the Nvidia control panel appear to be the same as before.

Any ideas why this may be occuring?

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Finally someone who read the sticky! Thanks.

Does it also occur when you start a game aka GPU intensive application? From your description is definitely that the GPU is put in PowerSaving mode by VISTA (or the driver) as it has nothing to do. It might be good idea to have a look at the original INF provided by Samsung for specific settings and use these Samsung custom values in our modded generic INF.

Here's a short reference of Tweaks to look after in the original INF. These affect PowerSaving.












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I can't find reference to any of those values in the original INF. I saved it as a backup and can see no reference. Is it possible that i'm looking in the wrong place?

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No. But welcome to NVIDIA's world introducing and changing values and settings in the INF like we do underwear. The original Samsung driver/INF is probably from the pre-150s series, that's why you can't find. Was worth a try.

DoublCheck or play around with the ControlPanel settings i can only advise.

I don't run VISTA, so no real help, maybe somebody else can jump in.

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I have the same Problem here with the same Notebook.

EDIT: I have the R70 with the 8600m GS

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Greetings @all,

i use the Notebook from the Topic Title and i need a good Diplay Driver. All Drivers i test now from here (16314/16315/16316 etc) have the follow Problem.

My Display Brightness looks like im only using a Akku, very dark and i cannot change it. With the original Samsung Driver, all games are stacking, low FPS and unable to play. I use Vista, but i tryed XP, there is the same Problem.

Any Ideas??



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Since I installed the Nvidia GFX drivers for my 8400M (Samsung Q70) I can't change the brightness of the monitor anymore. Neither the Fn keys work nor the samsung utility does. No matter what version I use its the same issue. I tried installing the drivers from the Samsung support site but the archive seems to be corrupt since I can't extract it. So I tried different versions from the main site here and it's the same problem with all of them. Anyone knows a work around or a working driver? Otherwise I need to contact Samsung and ask them to fix the download or somethin..

thx in advance..sai

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i need help! i installed this driver for my geforce go 7400 on a samsung x11. it works, but i can't controll the display brightness any more. so it's always on lowest brightness. are there any settings in the original inf that i might just copy?

best regards


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