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Anyway to force a resolution?

Guest Thanatos

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Guest Thanatos

I'm currently running 64 bit vista on my Asus C90S, and I've run into a bit of a snag,

I went to buy a monitor and decided on an lg 22 inch high rated HDTV LCD with hdmi in, component in etc. Once I got it home, I realized that I couldn't plug my ps2 into the component in, since it's hdtv only, which is an issue, since I didn't want to go and buy both a monitor and a TV, which leads to the real problem I'm having.

I wound up buying a 26inch LCD hdtv, which supports a crappy resolution of just 1366*768, which in and of itself really isn't that great since I'm running a Geforce 8600M GT, which supports up to 1920 X 1080, now what I really want it to do is use the screens max resolution of 1366X768 but when I move the slider to where that should be I skip from 1024X768 to 1152X864. and if I move it up to where the 1366 is supposed to be, I only get, from 1280X1024 up to 1400X1050. Is there anyway possible for me to force the 8600M GT to use 1366X768, or am I pretty much stuck, also if changing the input will help I'm currently using an HDMI plug, but I also have VGA out on my laptop, as well as a built in tv out - (Svideo/Composite).

Also if I quote off the nvidia site for advanced display functionality of the 8600M it says this.

"Integrated HDTV encoder provides analog TV-output (Component/Composite/S-Video) up to 1080i/1080p resolution"

Sorry for the noobish question but I don't know much about HDTV, what exactly is 1080i resoution (my tv says it supports it.), and how would i use it with the component out chord, and if I did would that improve my resolution?

Thank you to anyone willing to help me. I am currently upgrading my forceware and drivers to the Xtreme-G moded 163.14 drivers if anyone wants to know that in order to help answer my question.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


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