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Brightness Problems: LENOVO Thinkpad R61 & T61p


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I've got Thinkpad R61 with NV Quadro 140m. Here are the problems:(

-with original driver from Lenovo (101.29) - when plaing movies in fullscreen mode the screen is blinking. I've seen this problem at the other board but there are no solutions to fix it.

-with drivers from this site (101.xx) (15x.xx) sometimes the screen is black after opening the lip ( probably some problems with Powermizer) everything else is OK.

-with drivers from this site (163.1x) function of changing brightness from the keyboard is not working. everything else is OK.

Have someone an idea about a good driver for this card? maybe somebody know about some changes in driver or NV Control Panel to enable this function of changing brightness?

Someone have this card or a T61 , R61 with Quadro 140m?

What drivers do you use?

Please help..

thanks in advance

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There is a newer driver out 101.45 I think.

Have a look in the 100 series driver section.

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I tried the 163.44 driver, and have the brightness/power issue. I ran the driversweeper between installs. I also updated the hotkey utility, and the power driver and manager--still no control over the brightness with keys nor power manager.

People are doing more experimenting here, placing the original modded Geforece drivers over the Quaddro drivers.


Perhaps there's one or two files missing, or a different version of file allows the Power Manager or Hotkeys to work?

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It's a setting in the original INF responsible for the working Brightness control then... and your tasks would be to isolate this working setting (it isn't deleted as they all install driver on top). It's likely not to be a file missing.

What version is the Quadro driver you are talking about?What is your SUBSYS ID?

It's the same game as always: find the correct setting out of hundreds undocumented for thousands of different models and you're all set. This setting then might work for your GPU, but not for other, that's why we only implement those working for the majority.

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What this be what you referred to?


This is the Lenovo-supplied Quaddro driver that the light levels are controllable with:

Driver c:\windows\system32\drivers\nv4_mini.sys (, 6.05 MB (6,346,720 bytes), 4/29/2006 5:06 PM)

(Both taken from Windows System Information)

This is a link to the driver Lenovo supplies for the Thinkpad T61P


BTW, thanks for taking an interest : )

If it is something in the .inf, which can be switched on, that would be excellent.

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How can people install this manufacturer driver (v101.33 Lenovo) using a Quadro FX 570M DEV_ID 040C when this driver by default only supports 8x00M GPUs? Or are they using Pieter's INF as we also host this driver (smaller than Lenovo :) )?

101.45 (the link you gave) has also adjustable brightness settings?

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Ok that was easier than i thought. Do a complete uninstall of previous driver, use driver cleaner etc. reboot

Then install 163.44 with the attached INF (it;s Pieter's modded INF from the first post of this thread with an customized setting for you).

I found an obvious setting Lenovo (and probably also SONY) uses: "EnableBrightnessControl"

If that works for you i suspect that we found the fix for SONY users, too. I see a lot of posts where they complain about missing brightness control.


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The brightness control does work with 163.44 Drivers on a TP T61P! The minor thing to watch, is not to raise the video resolution greater than the 1680x1050 internal monitor.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, now for the bad news for me: I still can't run Thief 2. I am not positive, but it appears that the very thing that makes brightness adjustments possible disallows Thief 2 from returning to the menus. Sigh.

I know it's an old game, but I like it more than all the others. I've switched drivers a lot, but I could swear that this same driver worked before, before the brightness worked. Thief 2 has some kind of gamma gamma control built in, and perhaps that fights with the driver code that it apples when switching from a 3D game engine--back to the 2D menus. Perhaps it only affects this one ancient game.

I appreciate all your effort. Thank You : )

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Update: I did get Thief 2 returning to visible menus, but unfortunately, I fouled the test, and I don't know which of Nvidia's settings did it. When I get a chance, I will try to "break" it again.

Thanks again for helping : )

[Which leaves me at: There's been a long-time problem with Thief 2's rendering, and I wonder if it the newer cards might be rendering correctly, but totally blowing under the gamma or brightness.


I also found this about the Thief 2 menus:


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To make things clear for me: the brightness control now works because of the attached INF for 163.44 (added EnablebrightnessControl) or did it worked before with Pieter's standard INF for 163.44 (without EnableBrightnessControl)?

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The .inf you provided above allowed the brightness to work. The test was done after running the 3Dguru driver sweeper. The other .inf's I tried did not allow it.

Thank you, again.

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