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Nvidia 8600M GT problems on dell 1520


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i know this question probraly been posted many times already but It haven't been answer yet. I owned a new dell 1520. It came with the Nvidia 8600M GT. The defaut driver is working fine, but I play video game often and I wanted to boost up the perfomance a bit. So I tried look around all week long for a better driver then the one provided by Nvidia. I tried many of Nvidia pruduct and none of them work. The omega drive was claimed to be good but doesn't seem to have one that support this card. Anyway, almost anywhere I search online will point me to this direction laptopvideo2go.com. So, I believe this is the best place to get what I need. The problem is that all the driver that I install doesn't seem to work too well. They actually perfome much worser than the defaut driver. Evertime I would uninstall the graphic driver and install a clean new driver. I did a benchmark test with 3DMark06 with them afterward. Most driver seem to be very unstable and have lower avarage frame per sec. Beside doing bench mark I also test them on actual game. I tested them with farcry, need for speed carbon, command and conquer. They become very choppy compare to the default driver. BTW sorry for the bad gramma, it really late at night and i'm very tire. Thank for anyone who reply

:) Have a great day :)

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