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geforce go 6800 issues


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i am running on an alienware laptop windows xp with the nvidia geforce go 6800 graphics card. i was playing cs:s one day when it said i needed to update drivers, so i did, but i believe i downloaded the wrong driver because it was bugging out. i then proceeded to the alienware site and downloaded their driver and installed that. neither time did i uninstall the previous driver. i restarted my computer but it wouldn't load past the windows xp screen, it would just go black. when i tried to load in safe mode it took me to the green screen of death with the infinite loop message. i booted up in vga mode and then installed the anti-infinite loop file and used that. i still couldn't boot in safe mode, so i uninstalled the nvidia driver and tried instlled one of your drivers with the modded inf's. still couldn't seem to get anything to work. eventually after some troubleshooting i got safemode to bootup. but still couldnt normally start windows xp. also, on my boot screen there are blue vertical broken lines. currently, when i try to bootup normally, my screen flashes weirdly and then goes black after the windows xp logo screen.

pleaseplease help me. i've been working on this issue for 17+ hours and still ahvent fixed it. im thinking almost about giving up and just reformating/reinstalling windows xp.



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Going back and forth without cleaning the driver remnants may spoil your system. Get Driver Cleaner Pro and use it in safe mode, then install the new driver. May help.

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yeah, after looking through forums, i realized i should uninstall nvidia driver through add/remove, and then use driver cleaner to finish the job. i did that and installed driver, but still no luck =\

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