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I checked out the FAQ's, done some reading here, but I have a question. Ge Force GO 7300 I have with my Inspiron laptop. The only issue I'm having with my drivers is that they keep causing the only game I play on my computer (CS: Source) to crash. I've ran the crash test from STEAM and it says the only problem I have is my drivers are out of date. Here's where I'm confused... STEAM recommends the driver version 91.47... so on this website I find that, but it says I SHOULD NOT use that version as it's known to cause a lot of problems. One part of this website I read said the optimal driver for the Ge Force GO 7300 is like 84.25... ok so wouldn't that be older than what STEAM recommends, and even after updating... still cause my game to crash and computer to fail their crash test? Or should I just DL the 165.01 (first one on the list) and be done with it and get back to playing? This shouldn't cause a problem right? I may have missed something in the FAQ's but I read through it thoroughly but this part confuses me. Any help is appreciated. PM me, reply, w/e you wanna do.

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Try 84.25 and see how your game behaves. It's possible there's a fix in later drivers, but 84.25 may run fine. (Actually, I recommend 84.98 over 84.25. 84.25 has been crashing some machines and we haven't yet found the causse.)

If you do need a later driver, try one of the 94 series. That series contains everything from the earlier 90 drivers but with a lot fewer bugs.

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Hi there,

I just spent a full week trying to update the drivers for my GeForce Go 7300 on my E1505. It looks like we have the same machine. I had 84.29 and was looking to upgrade, but I couldn't get 84.69, 84.98, or any 92.xx or 94.xx to work. I was doing a lot of uninstalling and sytem restoring as I kept getting errors of various types. Finally (after considerable guidance from these boards) I managed to have success with 163.15. It resolved my primary issue when playing MOHAA, gave me a nvidia control panel with more options and just seemed to help out in general. I haven't had any problems with it yet.

You might be able to get some drivers from the 80 series working (apparently 84.98 and 84.25 are good) but if you find yourself having no luck with the 80 or 90 series, try 163.15. It was the first one I was able to successfully install.

Also, make sure uninstall the old drivers, run Driver Cleaner Pro (I did it twice) and be sure all remnants of your old drivers are gone. If you check out one of my earlier posts, I listed the process that eventually worked for me when installing 163.15.

Hope that helps.

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