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Counter Strike Source Distance Problem


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I've been having a problem with Counter Strike Source as of late due to what I believe is an outdated driver problem. People appear as solid colors in the distance. On my desktop, I have a ATI X350/500 Series which I know is worse than my current version (nVidia GeForce 8400M GT). I'd update the driver but there is no driver download for a laptop. I haven't seen any mention of an 8400M GT driver download for a laptop anywhere, actually. Is it new? I've seen higher numbers. Here's a screenshot for a frame of reference:


It's only when people are 10-20 metres away. Closer than that and they suddenly transfer into colorful character models. I followed the QuickStart guide on other drivers that could solve my problem but my laptop still says that I have the most updated driver available even with the modded INF file. Current driver version for me that works is 162.22. I tried a 163.11 file download but as I said, the computer did not recognize it.

I have tampered with the Video settings within STEAM but I still get the above image to no avail. Must I just wait for nVidia to release a laptop driver for the 8400 series?


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Did you also post this on www.steampowered.com or did you search there?

Because it just might be a more common problem there and on that site you'll find an answer much faster for this kind a problem.

Look at this post for example it looks very much like your problem: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/show...ad.php?t=585843


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