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latest driver works on fujitsu siemens amilo pi 1556 with a 7600?


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i really tried many drivers from here (165, 161, 162) and all i seem to be getting is a BSOD on my laptop and i revert back to the crappy that comes with it and really it gives me headaches on gaming (fifa 2007 for example) i tried searching here and nvidia's forums and fujistu siemens' forumS (official & non official) and i still don't know what driver should i install, would you please help me?

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i'm running windows xp pro, and there's no 158.45 for xp, shud i try vista's?

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please ??

As you can see i have the same laptop model. I used to try a couple of drivers from here and most of them work just fine. Performance wise, there wasn't any differences between them. At all. Here are some of my test with a few drivers from Laptopvideo2go and original one. I don't really know why there aren't any differences at all. Maybe it's because our model of GeForce Go 7600 are locked (we cant overclocking, etc.). Also, I'm not brave enough to flash my Video Bios yet. Other than that I'm very happy with Pi 1556. Today i used to try Bioshock demo (amazing looking game using Unreal 3 engine) with the original drivers that came from FSC ( and i have between 15 to 20 FPS on 1280x800 with everything at ON (hight). Even the real time lightings. If you lower the resolution a little bit (1024x768) and switch OF the RTL you can play perfectly fine this brand new amazing game.

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Guest Tschouba

Hey TiKoZ!

I have the same notebook like you and had many performanceproblems since I bought it in december 2006.

I tried many things and wasn't able to solve my problems (I had problems like no other), either with the help of the internet.

You can read there, in german: http://www.amilo-forum.de/topic,17809,-Pi-...ceprobleme.html

So I decided to go to the shop where i bought the notebook. They checked it all around (only benchmarks) and said, that there are no problems... But I was sure that something is wrong. The guy there had no time, that i can show him a game where you can see this problems, so i had to go home without an solution.

I already tried many driver from this page, but always got bluescreens. But today I was lucky and found one which really works!

The 95.97, WinXP 32bit: http://forums.laptopvideo2go.com/index....showtopic=11449

This one isn't very actual, but now my favorite game battlefield 2 runs perfectly.

But now I have an other problem: The fps fall down after a few seconds playing. But this is a problem that much amilo users have, as you can see in http://www.amilo-forum.de . And I think this will be easy to solve.

Happy greetings, Tschouba

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