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Brightness Problems: HP dv9201ca (Go 6150)


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I knew I shouldn't have bothered changing drivers...

I have a HP dv9201ca with Nvidia 6150 and Vista. I'd been using the TweaksRus MobileForce X-treme G 101.70 M6 drivers for the longest time, they worked great. But so much had been released since then, I thought I'd give the 150 or 160's a try. What a mistake.

Firstly, even with modded INFs, Vista wouldn't recognize my card and they would not install. And the ones that did, I saw no difference. Now, I've gone back to the Xtreme G MobileForce Tweaksrus drivers, and I have lost my keyboard brightness controls. That is-- The Function key Fn+F7/F8 dimmer/brightness keys. And when I unplug my power cable, the screen does not automatically dim any more, despite the settings being set properly in the Power settings of Vista, i.e. reduce brightness by 25% when on battery.

What should I do? Am I f$^%? Is it time for a full re-install of Vista? What about HP's latest stock drivers from May? (I can picture everyone cringing at the notion)

What I don't understand, is how, by installing the 150s and 160s, deleting them, and going back to the TweaksRus ones, I lost the brightness control. I could understand the other drivers not support it, but since I've gone back to the TweaksRus 101.70s, I would think that the problem would be fixed.

Ideas? :) It's really important to me because I use the computer at night, and the screen is just too bright.

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All you need is a reinstall. Old drivers leave all sort of bugs behind.

One driver set I used caused my notebook to be unable to hibernate, or be put into standby, otherwise the display would not tun back on. Despite rolling back to my previous drivers, and installing other newer drivers, the problem remained.

One vista reinstall, and problem solved.

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I know a Vista reinstall would help, but it would also be a pain in the arse... It is a last resort.

Is it possible to split my C drive into two partitions, make the new partition one primary, and install Vista there? Then, if I find I've forgotten too many things on the old install, re-merge the two partitions and go back to the old install?

And if the install works out, I could manually delete Vista from the old one and merge the two again.

I know this is getting off the video card topic, but, if it fixes the problem with the brightness controls, then it's still related :)

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Guest Ishmael

That seems a tad excessive. You just need a program that cleans up remnants of old drivers, such as Driver Cleaner Pro or some free equivalent (there's a free version DCP somewhere out there). Just install the driver cleaner program, uninstall your current video drivers, restart your computer in safe mode, run the driver cleaner program according it its instructions, restart your computer in normal mode, and reinstall the working drivers. That ought to do it. ^^

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Just figured it out. It wasn't the video driver at all. The monitor driver needed to be reinstalled on the laptop. The backlight and SmartDimmer work again.


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