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7600 Go driver issues

Guest frank

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Ok so my room mate has a laptop, an HP dv9000 which supposedly has a Nvidia 7600 Go graphics card. A quick dxdiag shows he has a 7600 Go but doesnt list approx memory. The issue is he has no 3D support. it wont run any applications that require 3D graphics support.

First thing I figure is a driver conflict. I go download the latest 7600 Go driver and attempt to install. I get the error "No hardware is found that is compatible with this driver" error. This happens when I download the 7600 Go driver and the generic Go 7 series driver.

The only driver I can get to install is the HP driver from their website, but this doesnt fix the problem, and I think the HP driver is the one thats causing the issues in the first place.

So, anyone else had this issue? Im starting to doubt he really has a 7600 Go, and dxdiag is lying to me.

I havent tried any of the drivers here yet as I couldnt tell which one was appropriate for this card. Any recommendations?

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I'm betting he does have a Go 7600 but hasnt gotten the right driver for it...i have that problem on my DV8000T also has a GO 7600

I this "Driver compnents mis-match. Exit is the only option. nVida Open GL Driver

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You are replacing the INF file in the driver folder with the INF supplied here, correct? Read the FAQ.

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Guest envydyauser

best way I found of figuring out exactly which card you have is to download devcon from microsoft.com.

then, from cmd-line :

devcon status *

and look for the NVIDIA line

(if you have cygwin installed you can add

| grep NVIDIA -A 1 -B 1


for my Go 7300 for example I get :


Name: NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300

Driver is running.

the important info is (for me) the SUBSYS number, cos I found there are at least half a dozen Go7300 with different SUBSYS.

Browsing at least two dozen INFs (modded and not) I found each subversion has slightly different parameter values.

I assume it's the same for Go7600 cards



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One thing I *haven't* found out (and this is a question I submit to all) is a way to figure out the amount of RAM installed on the card.

I know my Go7300 has 128 dedicated + 128 TC from my vendor's (Toshiba) brochure, that's all.

dxdiag correctly reports 256MB, but I'd like something to distinguish between "hard" and TC RAM.

NVMonitor doesn't even bother.

WinXP Device Manager reports nothing about RAM, and nVidia's new control panel's gotta be the lousiest utility ever hitting the screen, in terms of usefulness and ergonomics.

Anyone ?

envydyauser (now logged in)

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Dude, I had the exact problem. Try this, tell your room mate to switch the laptop to power saver mode and try it out. it worked for me, don't know why. If the screen's too dim tell him to use the fn button and increase the brightness, don't use any mode other than the power saver mode. Let me know if it helps.

BTW, I thought dxdiag was lying till i figured this out too.

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