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v163.44 VISTA 32bit | NVIDIA, BiOSHOCK

Quality of v163.44 Vista 32bit  

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So is this driver any good then? Please say you can finally scrap the 158.45 as the 163.44 driver is the new daddy. Not only is it stable but the increase in frame rates when playing games is just fantastic! Hmmm. I've installed so many of these buggers and always rolled back to the 158.45. If anyone has installed this, please say how they got on with it. Thanks!!!

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Heh Heh. I'll leave it to someone else to do that. I've had my fill of benchmarking using 3dmark 06 for the time being. Mind you if no-one else does then sad ###### that I am, then I probably will....

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the modded INF makes it so you can install the driver with any graphic card, where as you use the original INF and it only works with the cards listed, not every card

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Can you install this driver via Control panels system properties please.

I just need to know which file it is that is missing.

I didn't change the way the INF looks for files so it may be file missing from the zip.

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Worked for me. I have the G1S. Definitely a big improvement in the Bioshock PC Demo, as for other games they feel faster.

However, it hasn't fixed the skipping problems I've been encountering. I'll be checking the HDMI output, and whether you can overlock or not next.

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Guest Buddybot111

I've noticed a ~100 point drop in 3dmark 06, which probably doesnt mean anything but its there. Oddly enough my graphics(non gaming) rating in vista went up by .1 to 4.5 using an 8600m GT. I haven't tested it on any games yet, so can't give any input there. The controll panel though, is an issue. I'm not sure if its do to a rushed INF, but it's simply non-existant for me. There is none.

Just my 2 cents...


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Guest Raegos

Ok I'm having a problem. Also let me note that im running Vista (32-Bit) on Boot Camp and I have a 8600M GT. I've downloaded the Vista 32-bit file and the modified .INF, replaced it in the folder and tried to run the setup but I get an error saying "Setup detected that the operating system in use is not Windows Vista [32-bit]." Does anyone know what to do?

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Guest W11son

Well i am not sure what happen with you guys but I am getting slight increase.

This is the order of driver that i found best suit me. left (low) to right (highest 3dmark06 score)


I can run the setup(replace inf) without any problem.

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I believe there is something wrong with the modded INF. The last version that worked was Pieter's INF version 3.212. If you use the installer, it tells you that "The system has not been modified" and to "run the installation again". If you use the control panel/device manager, you get what Guest_Guest_* posted.

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Guest SrGreen

The drivers installed fine, but every few minutes my display becomes corrupted. I don't think I noticed an increase in framerate in the Bioshock demo either, but I was only able to play it for a few minutes.

Dell Inspiron e1705

Core 2 Duo 1.7g

2gb RAM

Geforce Go 7900GS

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On my GeForce Go 7300 there was a slight increase in framerate in Bioshock (still not really playable though) but I kept getting weird corruption on the desktop. Back to 158.45 I think.

Toshiba A100

Core 2 Duo T2350 @ 1.86GHz


GeForce Go 7300

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