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driver for 8400m gt 32 bit vista?

I Ate Your Pie

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Edit2: for crying out loud just read the words in bold and POST SOMETHING HELPFUL (I'm begging you)

well I posted a thread about this problem a couple of days ago but for some reason my thread did not post.

so here it is again:

-Laptop Make/Model

-Graphics Card -- device id if known

-Current Driver Version

-Last Useable Driver Version

-Operating System

-An accurate description of the issue at hand


-Nvidia Geforce 8400m gt



-32 bit Vista Home Premium

-I've been experiencing some problems in half life 2 and counter strike source while playing on this laptop. The performance and quality is fine, but when I see objects from far away (about 10 paces in game) the objects and people fade to white, but the buildings and walls (etc..) is normal. This has been annoying me quite a bit so I looked for a new driver from both the nvidia website and the laptop manufactor website but they don't have anything. I was hoping that someone could help me out here because I'm new to this stuff.

Thank you

EDIT1: well since NO ONE is willing to help me I'll try to do this myself, please tell me if I am doing anything wrong.

so I will try getting this driver. this is correct right?

I am kind of paranoid about doing any form of damage to the laptop and its hardware/software so if this driver does not work all I have to do is roll back the driver and everything will be back to normal right?

Please post~

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(I don't understand why there are 80+ views with no replies.)

post please and thank you

EDIT: a simple "yes that driver will work with your system" or "no that driver will not work with your system" will do.

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