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So many Drivers. What is What?

Guest Saber

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Hi All

I have the Asus F3SV with the 8600m GS 256DDR2 runnign xp.

I have a couple of questions. Sorry if they are dumb. I am just get a little confussed.

1. Why is there such a big gap between driver versions vs release date. ie drivers in the 100 range are only a month old but there are drivers from the 155 range that have been out for months.

to get the most recent drivers should i be looking at release date or version number.

2. Do version numbers relate to any particular type of GPU. ie mobile or desktop. The reason that i ask is that i can't do any overclocking on my card with the new drivers ie. 163.44, or 165.01(yes i am using the modded inf)

It wasn't untill i installed 101.19 that i was able to overclock the card.

For mobile GPU should i be using a particular driver series.

Thanks for the help

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Thought I would do the right thing and register.

Can anyone shed any light on the subject.

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when you work this out let us know as well :)

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