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No DVI out on go 7400 ?


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I recently bought a Samsung syncMaster 206BW to add to my philips x54 laptop. I installed vista a few months ago and had problems from the start with installing the vista driver (fortunately found on this site). When i try to plug a dvi lead into the dvi out on my laptop the screen irraticly flashes on and off with no output to the monitor, iv had it back to currys, not a lot of help there...however a dvi to vga adaptor allows it to work with no problems (ie the analogue signals is getting out fine). From what iv read other people have had similar - no dvi but vga - problems with one fixing it although on another nvidia card(http://forums.nvidia.com/lofiversion/index.php?t30286.html). Does anyone have any suggestions on a modification to the driver to get dvi working? if i uninstall the nvidia driver and run on the basic vista one dvi works so iv concluded the problem must be the nvidia driver, unfortunately im not technically minded enough to go modding the driver files!

Any suggestions greatly appreciated to get my dvi out working....

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After days of trying to get official drivers for my laptop i finally got some direct from the manufacturer for a geforce go 7400 card in a philips laptop. All drivers as a matter of fact are on the intel website, first you must update the bios so that the nvidia driver installs, without updating the bios the driver will do nothing. the link can be found here:


Note its for a quanta notebook - this is becuase the case is actually manufactured by quanta and thats the model for an x54 laptop by philips, for other models of laptops from philips with the intel graphics go to:


be sure to install the bios update and intel chipset utility and install before all other drivers if youv upgraded from xp!

I hope this post saves someone some time, its taken me days to get this far but i can now say that my laptop is fully functioning with dvi output :-D

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I'm having some problems with my x54,

It came with the 7400 card, but recently it changed its display to a really sharp 8-bit sort of display on the screeen,

I've tried many things but it is still not working.

Could you help me ?


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