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Problems running Bioshock w/ my XPS M1710


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Hey all! I bought Bioshock via steam this morning and have spent almost the entire day on the phone with 2k Games and Dell trying to get it to work. I've been told by 2k Games and other friends of mine who had the same problem as me that installing the new beta drivers (http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_163.44.html) for my video card should make it work. Unfortunately I've been unable to install them due to an error I keep getting. I think that I keep getting this error because it's not a damn dell supported driver but maybe someone can tell me different. I really want to install the driver in the link I provided. Anyone have any ideas?

Here is a picture of the error that I get....


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I'm in the same boat and just posted today a question about drivers.


I'm still looking for the INF file that wont BSOD my system.

What kind of video card?

The problem is that Dell and Nvidia dont really work well together. Dell wants to handle their drivers or something.

Hence the hacked or modded INF. You download drivers from Nvidia and kill the install. Then replace the INF file

in the extracted folder with one from here(laptopvideo2go) then run the install. This kills the error you're

getting but then can cause a BSOD loop. Still looking for a good INF.

BTW I have the Geforce Go 7950 GTX 512MB Dell M1710.

BioShock is kick arse. I soo want to tweak my system for full FX. I hate the lack of support from Dell and Nvidia regrading drivers for Dell's(at least the 7950 GTX) mobile video cards.

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I have the exact same system vladin. Let me know if you find a solution I can't wait to play Bioshock!! I'll never buy another Dell because of the problems I've had today. Their tech support had no freaking clue what I was talking about....

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hey all i have aurora with 7900gtx, and bioshock crashes on the second load

anyone suggest what drivers i could try, been looking for driver upgrades for my 7900gtx for a year now

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How exactly do you suppose we do that? Unless it's a special Dell packaged driver we get errors and the drivers wont install. My problem is being able to install a driver from Nvidia ... I don't really need driver recommendations at this point.

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Read the FAQ. Download a driver from here, replace the INF with the INF supplied here and then install. It should work.

And I mistyped earlier... if 163.44 doesn't work, try 163.15 or 163.16.

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163.44 worked great after they updated the games build tonight! Thanks for your replies Smax!! :)

Do NOT try this with the Dell XPS 1710 with Nvidia Go 7900 GTX -- i used the 163.44 drivers from here with the modded inf file. it went through install fine, but when it tried to reset my resolution to native i got an XP blue screen and was unable to use the drivers. Had to reinstall the old 84.63 ones to get my system to work again.

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Guest poogoo

If it's any help to anyone...

I have a Dell XPS 1710 with a 7900GS card running Vista 32-bit. Was running the 100.97 drivers with the modded inf as I found these to be the most stable.

However, installed the Bioshock Demo and the game crashed every time I tried to start it. Took a chance and installed the 163.44 drivers for Vista 32-bit with the modded inf.

Bioshock now works plus I've been using the drivers for general PC use without any problems so far. Also worth noting is the fact that these drivers actually installed to the end and restarted the laptop for me. Every other driver release has installed then given me a blue screen hardware failure. The 100.97 ones did this but worked fine after a restart.

Therefore if you have a laptop with the 7900GS I would definitely give them a go

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Bioshock was crashing when trying to zone into the Medical area. Turning off High Definition Shaders "fixed" it. You can turn them back on after you zone. But, you will also have to remember to turn them off if loading a saved game, because that will crash as well.

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163.44 worked great after they updated the games build tonight! Thanks for your replies Smax!! :)

hiya m8, where did u get the modded inf file i carnt seem to find it on the list??


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Turn off "Highdetail shader" and all will work just fine BTW any one know a good driver cus Dell´s is kinda suck

166.44 driver will not work on Dell the BSOD will come sooner or later once you start to play

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  • 3 weeks later...

Updated my vista system to a geforce 7950 Gt oc, ran and installed bio shock. Bio shock then installed new direct X components, without asking me, then downloaded new drivers for the card.

System crashed after playing it for more than 2 minutes.

So Bio shock crashed my pc.

Im not sure why it wanted and updated my directx, since I had the latest version installed. Im not sure if this cause the crash.

Im not sure why it did not ask me if I wanted to install the direct x they had.

Im not sure why it turned my graphics card off. Or how it turned it off. But it did. Bio shock turned my graphics card of for sure.

To fix. Reboot would not work, even from a cold start. Monitor would not even show bios info, after playing Bio shock.

Took the card out went back to motherboard chipset, rebooted, used system restore to remove bio shock elements.

Back into vista, powered down, replaced card, and booted up.

Worked well.

So to see the mistake I made, I tried again.

Installed bio shock with my new nivida 7950 card, new drivers, new everything.

Crash. 7950 turned off again. Reboot not working, no bios info on the monitor.

Pulled card again. Rebooted. No system restore. Powered down. Inserted card. Booted up.

It worked.


Bio Shock does not need to by default install direct X. or look for and install drivers. Nivida whos name comes up on the demo, need to get there act together

and supply decent drivers that work. Otherwwise, they well end up with a rep like ati, and it's usless cat engine.

It does not sit with me too well, that a $200 7950 card can be turned of, or that Bio shock is installing crap on my system without asking me. I think that Bio Shock is the problem, since they seem to have put some DRM crud in ther program that is causing cards to crash.

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