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Weird video problem with A51 m5700

Mike From Texas

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So i gots me a real tough problem on this one...

I gots me a real fancy laptop 2 years ago, back when i was an innocent lad unknowing of the craptastic reliability of these really flimsily constructed rigs.

When it works it works like a charm, but when it doesn't work, well, needless to say I'm flabbergasted, po'ed, and generally feeling the buyer's remorse.

Got STALKER running on medium just fine on medium mode at 1024 res, but sporadicly at 7-15 minute jumps the game will crash, and it crashes hard;

a guy i found on some forum described it as if someone had pulled the power cord, but since this is a laptop I was a little confused. Eventually I got it

figured out that if I run the game in windowed mode, then it would be fine. However this is where the real problem started. About 1 hour or so into a

round of STALKER, I noticed that the colors had gone off their rockers. the blacks were this weird forest-green color, and the whites were turned into hot pink.

Needless to say this was very annoying, but I could find nothing about it on any forum about anyone experiencing this problem, save for one mention on

amazon.com- a old review on a 2002 line of IBM laptops (before the leveno takeover) that had my same issue (all the colors were messed up, and it weren't

no gamma config issue) that had been solved by one day accidentally pulling out the charger plug after tripping on it. This strange fix worked not for me,

but I found out through a series of happy occurrences that if I run Unreal Tournament 2004 or any of it's mods for just a few seconds, the colors would come back

good as new. Then, after exiting the game to take care of some actual work, within an hour or so the weird colors popped in. Just yesterday the UT2004 trick didn't

work anymore, and a new problem popped up- instead of the colors, the actual monitor would go blank. The backlight would still work, but the image was just black,

but not it's-turned-off black, the black that you get when you start a game in fullscreen. eventually, I discovered that the image would come back if I activated a

mode on the alienware laptops that slows down the incredibly noisy fans. with this turned on I updated my nvidia driver to the latest one, but to no avail- the

thing still goes blank if I turn on this "quiet mode". Any thoughts, guys? Here's my NERD file.


Best Regards and Thanks,

Mike form texas.

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