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Can you bios convert a Go series card into a normal card?


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with all the hassle im having getting anything other than the supplied Alienware drivers to work in SLI mode on my m9750 i was wondering.

Can you bios convert 2 Go 7950 GTX's to normal GeForce 7950 GT's??? and then use normal forceware drivers?

I dont use my laptop unplugged, or use any powersaving features. my baby is always plugged in running in full performance mode, all hibernation/sleep/screensaver stuff disabled.

So... can it be done? has anyone got any experience using nvidia bios editors and in particular using it to convert a Go card into a normal card.

cheers in advance.

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Physically they are completely different cards. Just because they have the same numbering scheme doesn't mean they're anything like their desktop counterparts.

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i was under the impression that the actual chip itself was the same, just it was mounted on a different form factor, and that the drivers enable any power saving/mobile/battery saving schemes?

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The chips are (usually) made with the same technologies and processed as the desktop chips, but they don't have anywhere near the processing ability.

Example: Do you really think they'd be able to fit a fully featured 8800 into a laptop in any possible way? It isn't worth it and it's much more practical to include some extra power saving features on it. What's the point of having so much power if you're going to just cripple it? They redesign them with mobility in mind and produce a completely different GPU.

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