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7300 which driver to overclocking ?


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Hello !

It's my first post on this forum :)

Which driver should I choose to get maximum possible clock rates on my 7300GO ? :)

At the moment I have 475gpu/857mem and temp 62-65 playin :P

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I also would enjoy knowing which drivers are best for OC'ing this card, as I have the same one. I'm currently running 163.15, but can't get my OC settings to save in Rivatuner. Do I have to do something with coolbits.reg file in order get my OC'ing to work?


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I got 163.16 OC to stick with RivaTuner on go6800.

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i get highest 3dmark scores using the 158.45 driver,, over 3100

geforce 7300 go /128mb dedicated, up to 895mb shared (623 using 158.45)

intel duo core 2.0gb

2gb ram

PS. total graphics memory of 895mb is achieved using 163.69 driver. 163.69 is my second choice so far as its 3dmark score is only slightly lower than 158.45.

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