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ForceWare v53.03 WHQL available officially on NV website now


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release notes and fixes vor 53.03:

Significant issues resolved in driver version 53.03 are listed below:

? nView, Multiview: Single-monitor maximize feature does not account for

docked toolbars.

? GeForceFX 5950 Ultra, WindowsXP: Degraded anisotropic filtering quality

in Unreal Tournament 2003.

? GeForceFX 5900/5950: TV-Out flicker control is not functioning on UK


? International release of 52.16 has corrupt nvtuXXX.cpl file.

? GeForceFX 5900/5950, GeForceFX 5900/5950 Ultra, WindowsXP: During

certain times of day in Final Fantasy XI Online Worlds, textures turn gray.

? Adobe After Effects crashes with 52.16.

? Large resolutions can't be chosen in nView Setup Wizard.

? All GeForceFX, Unreal Tournament 2003: Some textures are not being

filtered properly.

? GeForceFX Go5700/5750, Windows 2000: Fn F8 hot-key sequence does

not work.

? Overlap/Edgeblend: Changing values for luma does not make Apply button


? Individual application setting to launch application on different desktop does

not work when invoked by hot key.

? Quadro4 900/750/700 XGL, Knights of the Old Republic: Fog in title screen

is rainbow colored.

? GT4 crashes if stereo enabled.

? Quadro FX Go700, Windows XP: Studio Tools overlay tool is truncated.

? GeForce4 MX 440 and GeForce4 Ti 4400, Windows XP: Blue-screen crash

during Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat.

? GeForceFX Go5100/5200, Windows XP: Green noise appears when

secondary device zoomed in Video Mirror.

? Windows XP: Rendering corruption in Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat.

? GeForceFX Go5100/5200, Windows XP Plus!: Labyrinth flashes when

launched in 180 degree mode.

? GeForce FX 5950 Ultra, Windows XP: ?X2: The Threat? benchmark is

choppy or jerky in some places.

? GeForceFX 5200/5200 Ultra, NTSC: Video flickers at lower-right corner

when downscaled with aspect ratio = free.

? Tiger Woods 2004 introductory movie is cut in half when run in 4x

antialiasing modes.

? Game and Benchmark "Final Fantasy XI" flashes and has incorrect stereo


? GeForceFX 5900/5950: Big Mutha Truckers is clipping the video area during

the intro videos.

? Quadro 4 780/980 XGL, Unigraphics Iman Portal UI/LSE ( ): Menus

and pop-ups are blank, and overall graphics performance is poor.

? Maya 5.0: HWR created shadows are drawn as squares instead of circles.

? nView: Multiple copies of the desktop context menu can be created.

dl here:

http://download.nvidia.com/Windows/53.03/5...nglish_whql.exe (2K/XP/english)

ftp://download1.nvidia.com/Windows/53.04/...n9x_english.exe (9x/ME/english)

notes: http://download.nvidia.com/Windows/53.03/F...nXP2k_53.03.pdf

fixes in 52.16:

Significant issues resolved in driver version 52.16 are listed below:

? Selecting application mode from the control panel gives you applicationcontrolled

anisotropic filtering.

By design, no other filtering is enabled by this selection.

? Warcraft 3: Exiting game can result in wrong orientation and corruption.

? Quadro2 EX, Windows 2000 and Windows XP: Only VGA after ?Large

Model CAD? or ?I-deas Masters Series? selected.

? Shaded detail drawing views rendered in wrong color.

? Continued model rotation results in increased memory usage in Unigraphics

18.05.2 and NX 1.02.3.

? Rise of Nations gives intermittent blue-screen result when played.

? Personal Cinema GeForce FX 5200, Windows XP: There is flickering when

previewing with WinDVR.

? All GeForce FX, Windows XP: Corruption around mouse in Dungeon Siege

when antialiasing is enabled.

? GeForce FX 5200, Windows XP: Abnormal light-green texture on wall in

Game 3 of 3DMark03.

? GeForce4 MX 440, Windows XP: Blue-screen crash in Flight Simulator

2004 when display settings selected during a flight with 2x or Quincunx

antialiasing enabled.

? GeForce FX Go5200, Windows XP: Setting PAL on TV still reboots to


? Quadro FX 3000, Window 2000: I-deas 9 hangs at start-up.

? All GeForce FX, Windows XP: Blue-screen crash in Breed demo mission

just before the landing craft lands.

? All GeForce FX, GeForce3, and GeForce4 Ti; Windows XP: Midnight Club

2 loading screen is not rendered when antialiasing is enabled.

? GeForce FX 5900: Big Mutha Truckers returns to a corrupted desktop with

antialiasing enabled.

? GeForce2 MX and GeForce2 GTS, Windows 2000 and Windows XP:

Cannot switch TV format to PAL if resolution is set to 720x480 or to NTSC

if it is set to 720x576.

? GeForce FX 5200, Windows XP: Reflection corruption occurs in Aquanox 2.

? Quadro4 980 XGL: The display exhibits corruption in the Unigraphics in drafting application.

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