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GeForce 8600M GS vista FFXI drivers please


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im working my way threw all the drivers i can right now but getting no joy so far.

the proble is FPS everywhere sucks arse. i have read all the post that ppl have made about ffxi. dropped my resolution to 640x480 nada. D3D turned off all debugs nada, running vista in basic color mode nada. dear god let there be some light at the end of the tunnel.


HP pavolion DV9500

duo core 1.5MGz

ram: 2gig

os: vista 32bit

video card: geforce 8600M GS

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Same here : My Rig is simillar to yours HP Pavilion dv9548us

1.63 dual core

2gb of ram

2*100 sata hdd

geforce go 8600m gs up to 1024 memory

I tryed all drivers starting 101.XX and im on 163.44 which is the most stable though i cant overclock. When i run Oblivion i dont get much more over 33 fps either on highest detail/res or lowest. In Overlord everything is choppy same with UT 99 it runs verry fast but close to textures it slows down rapidly ;/

Dunno how to fix that , could it be Direct X 10 related ?

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im stuck away from home on work right now but would like to know if anyone playing ffxi with the 8600M GS running vista has tried what this guy posted here and if fixed there low fps prob

Ok i didn't fix this by downloading anything. I don't know if this is an HP thing, Vista, or the Gefore 6150 but it seems to default to only 64bit for the Graphic card, where as it can do 128bits. Restart your computer and press F10 to go into your bios (Or whichever is the button for your computer) and change your Gcard's memory from 64 to 128. Then ask yourself why it was set to 64 by default.......

it can be found at this forum


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