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XPS fans, need help!


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hey, first post, sorry if this should go somewhere else...

i've been having overheating issues/charger problems with my dell XPS m170 recently, and i recently downloaded i8kfanGUI, which tells me about my core temp, fans, etc. i can manually start my fans with it, and i noticed my first fan is significantly louder (and more powerful?) than the second. is this normal? could it be the root of my recent heating problems? and how would i go about fixing it if that were the case?

on another note, i can set the program to turn the fans on at certain temperatures. since i am fairly certain my computer doesn't have internal thermal meters other than a standard diode outside of the processor (i'm VERY new to this, so sorry if i'm inaccurate), should i set the fans to start sooner than normal, as an external diode would give a cooler reading?

thanks for your time, i appreciate it.

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maybe this helps:

re. slowdowns with all games (esp. lost planet) SORTED!!!!

I am sure many of you know the following, but let me just remind you.

Of course after having my puter for 6 months or so.....I FORGOT/wasn't really aware that I have TO CLEAN IT INSIDE (copper ribs and fan itself)...so u get the picture. I found some real dark snow flakes .... the quantity was the size of my index finger...BTW ... my GPU core temperature is now 38 c (in desktop mode) ...comparing to 60 c (in desktop mode) as I posted (before cleaning)....NOW I played lost planet for an hour on 1280x800, HIGHEST SETTINGS, AA, mid shaders/mid shader resolution, Vsync on.....and i think my rock still has a potential to take much higher resolutions...but...whats the point?...It didnt miss a beat. Not even once. I am geting 35+ fps all the time lol. so happpyyy. My fan (during an hour play) did NOT even react (no speedup) as I played selected mission no. 3 .. CROSSING THE PLAINS....which is probably one of the most gpu demanding missions...so bye bye fn+f2. Basically...there was NO NEED to reinstall windows twice, drivers 300,000 times...etc...two months of LOST TIME, NO GAMING, only tweaking and....trying every day and searching on the net. lol


I have NOT touched/removed the heatsinks at all...just removed the back (bottom) plastic cover (as if u were to change ram) and removed the dust the simple way...only with compressed air spray in my left and a dot flashlight in my right (or the oposite lol). Please note that removing the botom cover MIGHT void the guaranty...so please check with rock guys before doing so....dam* if I only knew that it takes only 4 months to get such a huge dust buildup lol

my puter is also VERY quiet when in desktop mode now.


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