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  1. 1. Are you satisfied by the quality of this driver and can you recommend it for other users?

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CRAP! I quoted the wrong post. Sorry about that. I pressed the wrong REPLY button.

Still, the link at the top of the thread downloads an exe file...where can I find the zip file with the inf?

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It's in the packed driver as always.

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Guest Firestorm

You guys are awesome! I've been so annoyed that Vista wouldn't let me connect to my LCD TV via VGA cable. It kept resetting with the default drivers and most of the drivers I tried out from this site. This one works great. Finally I can watch my shows on my TV =)

I use a Toshiba A100-SK9 which has a GeForce Go 7600.

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Apologies for double posting, but I'm not sure if my problem will get picked up in the other thread.

I've installed this driver using the nv_dispd INF found in the original infs zip file. And though it's corrected my battery problem and allowed for some welcome frame rate boosts in Bioshock, it has also had the following adverse effect:

The resolutions 1440x900 and 1680x1050 are no longer available to me. Vista's Display Settings (Advanced Options -> List All Modes) does not include these settings, but curiously, does now support the rather odd 1768x992 and 1360x768 resolutions!? Consequently, 1440x900 and 1680x1050 are now unavailable in games which frankly is the real bummer.

My notebook is a Dell XPS M1710, 2 Gig ram, 2.16GHZ, 7950GTX, 1920x1200 screen and Vista Home Premium 32bit.

Any assistance will be thoroughly appreciated.


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Updated and reuploaded driver with an additional ARiMA INF subsys'd for Alienware. If you have SLI issues give it a try using the original NVAR.INF

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