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Inspiron 1520 w 8600m GT


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Hi all,

Ive had a dell inspiron 1520 w the 8600M GT card and have been havin display problems ever since I got it. Basically the screen RANDOMLY goes blank for RANDOM lengths of time. Also, its a crash fest when playin Mideival Total War and crashes sometimes with civ IV. I just installed driver 163.44 and it seemed to solve the problem...but then all of sudden it started doin it again! Should I take this piece of stuff back? Please help me...I'm very sad =(


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also when this happens, when I restart the display doesnt turn back on at bios startup (I dont see bios), and I dont see it start up until I see the windows icon. Anything?

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Sorry I can't help with your problem but I can sympathize. I am also having problems with the video on my new Inspiron 1520. The screen will just freak out and display miscellaneous colors. You can still see the image that was originally there but it is all in blocks and lines of solid colors. The machine also locks up when this happens and needs to be hard booted. I am also trying to decide whether or not to return this POS. I can't find anyone at Dell that can figure it out or fix it.

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If it's under warranty and you've been through phone support I'd suggest that you request an engineer. The graphics card (agreed to be the likely poblem) and mobo (might as well replace it whilst the case is opn just in case) on my new Vostro 1500 had to be replaced after I exhausted all the possible software solutions.. . (basically - try the driver on the Dell website, try the driver on the Dell disk, try the driver on the nVidia website (it won't work on a Dell, but say you've tried), try the latest driver and modded INF from this website, revert back to the driver from the Dell website, reload Vista to factory image - if all this doesn't work it has to be hardware).

There is a diagnostics utility in the Dell bios, I think it's F12 on boot to access. Be warned, the full diagnostic is a couple of hours, the abbreviated one is about 20 minutes.

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Hi. I had a same problem with my Inspiron 1520, but the problem was solved by using the drivers here (I recommend 179.28).

The drivers that dell provides didn't solve the problem.

I hope it works for you too.

P.S. I really would like to thank all of you who contribute to LaptopVideo2Go. Without this site, I don't know how I could enjoy my Inspiron 1520.

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