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MacBook Pro GeForce 8600M GT Driver


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hi, i recently bought a macbook pro. i wanted to play games on it so i installed some games that i usually play. i found out that they are not compatible with mac so i decided to install windows on my mac using parallels desktop.

i installed windows without any problems, and i tried to play games but it still didn't work. it was some problem with directx not being installed. after long hours of research, i found out that my videocard was not installed to my computer so directx never really installed. so i looked around the nVidia site to look for an appropriate driver. But i couldn't find one. so i read deeper into forums and looked at some stuff about modifying the drivers so that it fits the mobile drivers.

I did try reading into INF posts. but i really don't understand it... and since my laptop is apple, it doesn't help either. i'm pretty sure i can do more to look for answers but i've not been successful after 4 to 5 hours of looking around. so i finally decided to ask for help on this forum.

i would greatly appreciate it if anyone could give me some info about getting an appropriate driver or modification. if it's not possible on macbook pro because it's not yet founded, then please let me know.

thank you so much for your time. i will continue to look for answers...

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If you want to play games, you'll want to use Boot Camp. Parallels doesn't use hardware acceleration, and so you can't play games on it. Boot Camp starts up a full version of Windows on your computer using all of your hardware... including your video card.

Hate to say it, but I think you wasted your money on Parallels.

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i see. well it's good to know that i can use something else. hehe thank you for your help. i guess i'll go install bootcamp.


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I'm running the same card, and just installed the drivers from the Apple install disc. Ran the system tester from Counter Strike Source and it tells me I'm running direct x 6 drivers! How do I update my XP 32bit to at least direct x 9 through bootcamp?


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Update it the same way you would any other computer... Read the FAQs.

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