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Quadro 570m = 8600M with DDR3... underclocked with recent drivers?


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I had a question: If I have a 570m, which is a remarketed 8600m with DDR3 memory, and I run 8600m Geforce drivers on it, will my GPU's memory be underclocked, not running it's fullest?

It's still better than overclocking it, though.

BTW, I DARE nVidia to fix this problem, if they are smart enough:


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NVIDIA uses unified drivers, so each driver supports all GPUs (the more recent drivers of course support more GPUs).

The Clock speed depends on the settings in the INF.

If there's no setting defined in the INF, NVIDIA drivers just use an default algorythm (hardcoded in the driver).

As they are quite a couple of dozen mobile NVIDIA GPUs existant and each Laptop manufacturer uses his own settings, it's quite difficult to find an allround solution for everybody to suit. So i cannot give a suggestion what value to use.

Have you tried nHancer.com (Game/Application Profile Editor). This tool can alter (and has a huge supported Games) list with the proper compatibilty settings for each game.

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Does the modded .inf / driver know to run the memory at the DDR3 rate?

I'm not seeing any information that there are drivers that the Thinkpad's 570m can game on, other than the Quaddro drivers, which crash on Thief 2.

[The same chip; two different sets of drivers--for the same purpose. The filled, bumpmapped, textured, or wireframed triangles don't know if their in a game or a CAD program. I wish they would stop all this nonsense and chicanery. Marketing people should not design computers or software.]

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there are differences with the hardware between GeForce and Quadro though. mainly there's extra emphasis put onto certain things in a Quadro card, that... to put into consumer cards would make them cost more for the end user for not much if any gain in performance for gamers and especially not for casual users.

so... your argument is kinda backwards. i would be happy that you have a Quadro. i'm not sure that you even have to soft-mod your card to show up as a GeForce. I think you can do that right in the drivers in the computability sections.

on the other hand, if you want to run Forceware drivers, you may have to do that. ®®® probably knows 100x about that what i do.

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(i splitted the posts and moved them in here as it is offtopic for 165.01) You probably didn't saw my answer so look in post 2

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