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plsss help go 7400 gone mad!


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hi all,

i have the sony vaio sz-18gp with 512 ram and 128 go 6400 and intel centrino duo.i have a pc but it has integrated graphics so recent dx9 games dont run in that.i have two source games and used to run on med-high details hovering about 80fps.recently some days ago i installed the new moha demo in my lappy.i first ran configured the demo.all was on med details and i reduced post process effects from full to simple.then i ran the demo and was happy it ran pretty smoothly than i expected.i also had bf2 and graw 2 demo which ran very smooth.but i didnt complete the moha map and had a taste of the visuals for some 5 mins then i shut down my lappy.another time i ran moha and saw THAT F**** B******* I WAS NOT GETTING NOT MORE THAN 2-3 FPS!!!like this was not exppected atall and i was left surprised..i reduced the details but same fps....i panicked and ran css video stress test.i still remeber i got 88 fps result when i first ran css.but now only 14fps!!!!again i reduced details but an increase of 2-3fps...then i went to nvidia cntrl panel and moved slider for image settings to best performance.antialiasing and anisotropic filtering is already set to none.then again ran moha but no increase in fps!!!i even defragged but nothing happening.i dont have any idea whats happening to my card i think it has been seriously fried off.i downloaded ntune but nothing worked properly.no overclocking,auto tuning doesnt do anything, temp monitor doesnt work..the graph is just blank, voltage monitor is blank.i have all the latest drivers installed including the bios.i did everyting i could and now its only u who can help plsssssssssss!!!!!! :) :*(

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