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Inspirons with GF Go 7800 regular or GTX


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I have yet to get any newer drivers to work right on my Inspiron 9300 with 7800 Go GTX. Only the Dell or NV official 84.xx drivers are fast and stable. It's really annoying because I know there are bug fixes for games in the newer drivers, and the control panel is less buggy.

I've tried various revisions, from 93.71 and 97.72 to the newer 100 and 150 series drivers.... What happens is they are both slower and will cause a stuttering effect in games and 3DMark05. Even the 2D can be stuttery at the Windows desktop.

When I had the 6800 Go that originally came with this notebook, I could use newer drivers and did. I just installed the Bioshock-bug-fixed drivers on a friend's XPS Rev2 with a 6800 Ultra. Seems to work fine for him. On here, those drivers definitely did not work fine. I just wonder what is so special about these mobile 7800s. Obviously there are some major differences between them, the 6800 Go, and desktop 7800 cards.

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I know how you feel. I have the Go 7800 and I am still usng the 84.69 A01 drivers from Dell. Anything newer gets lower scores and slower frames. The 84.69 A01 is listed under the Go 7900 GS on Dell's website and is slightly newer than the one listed under Go 7800, but not by much ( i think the 7800 one is 84.25).

If anyone has info on a newer driver that works better with the Inspirons than the 84.xx ones, please let us know.

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Awesome! I'm in the same boat as you guys and was searching for a newer driver that would work. I'll give the 169.04 driver a try.

My only question is, will it screw up older games like BF2? So far the 84.56 v2.40 drivers have been the best for my 7800 GTX thus far on all games.

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