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m9750 Heat Analysis

Guest trias10

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I decided to do some heat analysis following an hour long game of Bioshock on the Alienware m9750 SLi (two GeForce 7950GTX). I've attached a graph showing the temperatures of GPU1 and GPU2 over the hour of play. SLi mode was enabled and working successfully during play. All numbers are in Celsius.


The stats are:


Average 83.30882353

Min 65

Max 93


Average 86.32352941

Min 70

Max 93

I used no laptop coolers of any kind, the the laptop itself on a glass desk.

The reason i post this is I'm curious about the intense volatility in the graph. I would think the cards would remain at a sustained temperature the entire time, and yet they seem to bounce around an awful lot, going from the 90s to the high 70s over and over again several times.

The other interesting thing is that both cards hit a high temp of exactly 93 before seriously going down. I'm curious what might cause this. I would like to believe that the fan kicked in on overdrive to lower the temperatures once they hit 93, but i'm more worried that what is really happening it the cards are severely downclocking themselves once they high the low to mid 90s.

Would anyone else be willing to run some similar tests using an m9750 without any kind of laptop coolers? I would be very curious as to the results.

One other point: i resently had to reseat my primary video card heatsink assembly in order to fix a fan issue. In the process, i decided to clean of the Alienware thermal paste on the primary video card only, and reapply some Nanotherm XTC. The strange thing is, it looks like my idle temp has actually increased with the new thermal paste. This seems like a major drag :)

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