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HP DV2500t nVidia 8400m gs - Upgrade Options?


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I have an HP DV2500t Notebook and I would like to explore what, if any, options are available to upgrade the graphics card.



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I don't know of a single HP computer that has a graphics card that you can upgrade.

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The 8000 series notebook gpu's by nvidia all use the MXM - its like a PCI-e slot for laptops. Most OEM's will only allow upgrades approve by their own company ie Dell or HP and then will tell you it can't be upgraded the truth of the matter is, if the card will fit inside your laptop, with the heat exchange pipe going in the same direction as the last card you had. It will work. What you should do is find a picture of your card, either on the interenet or open your laptop up (be very careful doing this, its very sensitive unlike a desktop) and compare to an image or the actual card itself. Some people have gone as far as swapping out heat exchangers to get them to match. It is very very hard to confirm your card will fit and sometimes you will open it up and realize the s*** won't work. But it might be possible do some research, as far as software wise, the bios on the card and the laptop itself should not be too much of an issue if any, and since nvidia drivers are already installed on the laptop, its as simple as changing the card.

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Not all 8xxx cards are MXM. Most are built into the mainboard still. Even if it is on a separate card, it doesn't mean it's MXM. A bunch of manufacturers make their own cards that are nothing like the MXM standards put out by nVidia.

For a list of laptops that are known to use MXM, look at www.mxm-upgrade.com and check out the MXM section of this forum.

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