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IBM T61 + NVS140m - Drivers?


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Hi guys,

i've just got my brand new t61 and ive rebuilt it with Vista Ultimate 32bit... The problem i hae is that aero (mainly Flip3D) seems to run very sluggish..... Im assuming its the drivers as its a fresh install... (spec is: 2ghz duo, 3gig ram, 7200rpm disc, nvs140m 128mb)...

Im using the latest Windows drivers that Update brought down for me.... Once Flip3D has got "going" its nice and smooth, its the initial "pull up" when it changes to 3D.... and if i leave it a while and flip 3d again i get some lag and a low fps to start with

What drivers should i try?



PS: Current driver is: (23/08/2007)

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Same issue with me when I use anything but the newest 32BIT Vista Driver from here, with teh modded INF.

163.69 , unfortunatey, i cant find out how to over clock. :)

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Guest maximluva


IBM Released a new BIOS to help the power savings feature of the GPU for their NVS cards.

This has helped my Vista AERO performance greatly. (hardly any skipping, if any).

Version 1.22 for T61/T61p/T61Wide

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