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  1. 1. Are you satisfied by the quality of this driver and can you recommend it for other users?

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    • Yes, even though i noticed a few bugs.

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Guest Andres Cabezas

My friends, i got a Dell Inspiron 1520 with a nvidia Ge Force 8400M GS, i was looking around by entirely web and i can´t find any driver wich works on my laptop, the v156.57 supose to work, now actually my laptop say there is a problem and the driver cannot be installed, so i think your Modded INF is not working, i did step by step many times and doesn´t work. Please i need help i need play stuff like Bioshock, Dirt, and Crysis which is coming, i need help please, maybe give a link of the prior driver before 156.57 cuz i couldn´t find nothing. i will appreciate that.

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I need some serious help,

My computer (HP pavilion 9500, Vista 32-bit with GeForce 8600M GS) claims that my computer doesn't have a Vista 32-bit operative system. And this happens everytime I try to install a new driver. This message or the message: "Could not find any compitable drivers for your hardware" or something like that.

Please help me! I'm furious with HP atm.

If you're still using the original drivers from hp i don't think it will recognise them...I have a 8400m gs in my hp laptop and it used to be listed as nb**** something I forget. Have you tried running the setup twice? It failed for me the first time but then it worked the second time!!

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All right, I just tested this thing, and yes, it is better than 156.55. I've noticed that several games have added particles and fixed shading that were messed up in previous drivers, so expect prettier effects if you're playing on high. I think the average framerate is slower as a result, but I did get an even more stable framerate in games like BF2142.

Unfortunately, SLI mode is still broken. :/ I use an Aurora m9700 with dual 256MB GS 7900 Go's, and SLI is still flickering when playing games in full screen.

I have the same machine as you and same video setup Nvidia GO 7900 GS 256 x 2, and yes SLI is not working, but the driver seems better than the original Alienware drivers dated in January 2007. I just wanted to know have you played "Lost Planet - Extreme Condition" on the Aurora? I've tried playing it, and it seems a bit laggy even on lowered settings.

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@Morten and Cabezas: you need to replace the original INF with Pieter's INF. It seems you forgot about that.

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