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GMA replace with Nvidia/ATI GPU


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Hi Currently i,m using Acer brand Laptop ( Aspire 5572WXCi ) and thinking

about upgraded my GPU. it,s using Mobile Intel 945GM Chipset with GMA950

64 Video Memory & Physical Memory 512MB DDR2'

together with Intel CoreDuo T2300E @ 1.66GHz 2MB L2Cache. it does have

PCI Express and came with GeForce 7300Go in a same series (but i,ve got Intel's GMA)

just wanted to know can my laptop here suitable for upgrade..(thinking of 7 series GeForce)

Thanks.. :)

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After read and look for other opinion about this GMA jerk (Intergrated GPU) i,m really disapointed

and felt regret buying my laptop ( Cause at first thinkin i can upgrade or something ) but knowing

it's was part of the mainboard :) ( man i really hope this thing can be upgrade )

as you said there was solution (using external GPU) i had review and really hope this thing available soon

wonder when this thing on the market..and what port should i connected to my lappie..at first when i purchase

i relly confident that my gpu can be upgraded since it has and support PCI Express and in the catalouge also

said (Specification site) can replace for more performance in graphics. now i,just need to wait for this external

thing ( if it really works ) as long i can play my Company of heroes or other games already installed that will

be great


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I still haven't seen any real-world tests of those external graphics cards. Sure, they have a 16x PCI Express slot in them, but Expresscard is limited to 1x PCI Express.

Sure it'll give you a boost in the graphics department and would be worth it for some people, but I just have no clue how much of a bottleneck that will be. I kinda laugh to think that some people might try to cram a 8800 in there only to find out that it only has enough bandwidth to power a much weaker card.

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but even this are really works.. from the way it looks seems so cool since it used desktop

GPU.. ( From the Picture ) really hope it,s really available

(i,m not care either using its own power supply or else as long it can be used) :)

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ok if u said was limited to 1X PCI Express.. so mine has 16X

so my slot can support or else?

( just hopin this thing can works ) :)

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Expresscard only supports 1x. It'll accept 16x cards, I'm not sure how much of a performance hit there will be.

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Since this Luxium just made its debut at Computex .does it make any demo or something just for review

i,m sure they not only display those model. but does they doin any Tests at Computex

the articles not really explaining overall about those thing ( just want to see if it really workin) :)

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:) Unfortunetly what is actualy ''discrete gpu'

cause these really convince me on upgrading.

Someone pls some help, ( need explaination on this )



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That's up to the OEM to decide, not you. Sorry, there's absolutely no way you can upgrade your laptop. Your stuck with what you have. No way around that.

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There are notebooks with GMA and with mxm slot. These can be upgraded. It's not the GMA that is important. It's the MXM slot and the thermal/space/energy specifications.

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