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Vista Aero slows down

Guest joker

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I'm using GeForce8400M G, 128MB.

Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz, 2.0GB RAM.

When i installed 163.44 at the first time, it worked fine.

And I figured out that there are some lastest drivers on this site, so I decided to install them.

I first installed 163.69, but there was a frame drop on RolloerCoaster 3 Wild! so, I rollbacked it to 163.44.

Since my second choice was 156.67, I installed the driver. I tried it by playing games, but I figured out that it gives me no frame increases so I installed 163.44 back again.

After I did these steps severally, whenever I try to 3D flip, it gives me a horrible dragging! But if i do the 3D flip for several times, it gives me a soft and smooth animation. (Before I do those crazy install-and-unintall thingy, Aero worked PERFECTLY for me...)

I tried uninstalling it and other stuffs like that, but it does not work....


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I believe that its slow initally because of powermizer (plus the gpu isn't particularly powerful to start with). In case you don't know powermizer scales down the frequency of your gpu to save power and reduce heat. Initially the modified inf for 163.44 didn't have frequency scaling I dont think (unless you used the same inf as before)

Either ignore it or try uninstalling the drivers and running driver sweeper in safe mode. Also I found that 156.67 performed horribly too (I have the same gpu).

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