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From anyone who owns or knows much about the go 7600, which are the best drivers to use with the graphics card? Should i go with the 163.71 driver and just use a modded inf? The drivers i have at the moment don't allow me to use the tv-out function at all and gameplay is nothing amazing. Please reply i need help.

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I have an Asus A8Js notebook with a 512MB Go 7600. Cheap machine but awesome for performance for the price. I'm actually running Windows 2003 Server on my laptop which I find is 10-15% faster video than XP, but I'm using the XP drivers.

At the moment I've had very good success with the beta NForce V163.44 drivers running BioShock, HL2: Episode One. External screens (projectors/monitors) have worked okay. Occasionally when I boot up there's some screen corruption which can be fixed by changing res and back again - but I rarely restart my lappy so it's not really of concern to me.

I'm might try the 156.57 mobile driver because I'd like a bit better power management on the card, but BioShock is running at full frame rate with no AA, 2x Aniso and 1200 x 700 res (and no shadow maps) which looks awesome for this little laptop.

Hope this helps.


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