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8600m GS underperforming?

Guest s0mguy

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I just bought an Asus F3sv with an 8600m GS and I was excited to play some games smoothly (Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, Bioshock). Knowing Vista was a resource hog, I stuck another GB of RAM into it to make 2 GB. I thought I'd be able to play games like Half-Life 2 on relatively high settings with this setup, but my average FPS was below 60. Even lower for TF2 and Bioshock. I've tried several of the drivers on this website, including 156.64, 158.36, 158.45, 163.11, 163.16, 163.44, 163.69, and 165.01. Some were better and some were worse, but none of them gave me any kind of significant boost in FPS. The only thing I've been doing is installing/replacing drivers. Is there something I'm missing? Is Vista just horrible?

My laptop:

Asus F3sv Core 2 Duo T7300 2.0 GHz


8600m GS 256 mb

Vista Home Premium

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Run 3dmark 06 and we can compare scores. ASUS underclocked the 8600m GS from nvidias specs to save battery life and for heat. they also gave it DDR2 insted of DDR3. There is a big thred about it on the asus support forums. A lot of us feel like it was false advertising. 3dmark gives me a score of 2266 and the HL2 stress test tells me I get 50fps with every thing high, except for AA/AF. I run the 163.69 drivers and Windows XP 32bit.

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I downloaded 3dmark06 Basic Edition and got 2410 as my score. I noticed when running Half-Life 2 that it recommended high settings for textures and model detail, but for effects like AA, AF, reflections, etc., it usually recommended low settings. I guess the card is underclocked and the problem isn't something bottlenecking the card. Hope there's a fix to this! Thx for the replies.

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im been having the same problems... when i run 3dmark06 i only get 2320. - Gpu core clock 500 mhz

Maybe this is the norm? Maybe were not underporming.



2 gb ram - 667mhz

100 gb sata

XP pro SP2

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im using vista x32 and my 8600m gs obviously is dx10 compatible but none of the games ive played give me the option to try it... (Company of Heroes, World in Conflict AND EVEN THE CASCADES DEMO) are there any driver updates that i need?... my laptop is an ASUS F3SV-AP073G.



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I am having pretty much the exact same experience as the OP. I've played MoH Airborne, Bioshock, World in Conflict, and even Need for Speed Most Wanted ... none of them ran particularly smoothly. The cutscenes in World of Conflict are ok, except the video begins lagging behind the video. Bioshock is pretty good, but the mouse movements are pretty laggy. NFS chops slightly every 3-4 seconds. MoH Airborne was very choppy.

I am curious about what driver is the best and at what settings we should expect to be able to run these games?


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