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Hello Need help finding a standard driver...


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Hey guys. Iv been searching this site for about 12 hours now and read a hell of a lot. Havnt found one driver that works yet, and all I need is a standard stable driver for my Laptop..

I built my laptop and the a*******(mind me French) sent me Vista drivers... I need WinXPpro+SP2 drivers.. Just a driver that will use the video card.

I really need help the Laptop is for my girlfriend and I just cant find s*** online for the card. Freaking pisses me off how Nvidia's driver doesn't work!! OMFG why would that do something so stupid.

I have a GeForce 8600 GT 256MB mobile obviously for laptop.

thank guys i really appreciate it.

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OK tried it didnt work..

Thanks for the reply man really appreciate it... this has been one hell of a F(&^*** headache for me... i think ima just gona install Vista Ulitmate and use the drives thatt they sent... watch those wont F(&^*** work.. stupid people omfg why would they make a card that doesnt have supported drivers?

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Are you replacing the INF file?

Read the FAQ. You can't just open up the driver and run the setup, you have to copy a file into it.

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hum.. well im sorry man this is my first laptop.. I have always known about having a hard time finding drivers for laptops and what not but this is my first one so its all new to me.. IM great with the desktop scene but ya.. I dont know where the FAQ for this one is.. if you could post link Id love it. Thanks man really

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thanks man ill check it out right now.


THanks man i really appreciate it a lot really. Saved me a lot more time and headache :) Thanks man ill be bookmarking that for sure :)

Ima checking stability now, noticed a little mouse gitter but i dont think thats anything to worry about that cant be fixed with smoothing.

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