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Lost video signal from toshiba laptop 5205-S703 to tv


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Hi members,my signal from my toshiba 5205-S703 to theSony 60 inch tv is gone for some reason.I'm in awe and can't figure out what happened.I have checked every connection possible.So does anybody have any autopsy ideas.Thanks

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I kinda chuckled at your choice of words...

Anyway, what driver version are you using?

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Sorry for not getting back to you,been very busy.This laptop was given to me by the wife.She paid about 2500 bucks for it.I have not updated the drivers.So if you have the patience please direct me on how to do that,and for the question you had for me about what version drivers am i using,did you mean for the video card or for the toshiba drivers in general?.Would that answer be in the control panel? Got some news for you,last night i noticed that my pointer from the mouse when slid all the way to the left would wound up on the television screen in which i went crazy and started to wonder why everthing else is not there also.Also when windows starts up i can see that on the tv,but as usual everthing disapears from the tv except the pointer when fully loaded with themain desktop icons.I know it's something simple but what?hope you understand all of this.I truly feel stupid in not knowing how to find the driver versions you were asking me for,i should know that.Thanks bud.

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