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Help with Windows Vista Business 32Bit and GeForce Go 7600


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I'm looking for any suggestions someone might have to fixing the Everex Laptop issue with lack of driver support for their 7600 Series of cards. I've installed every driver on the planet, and until i put XP on my system, and installed NGOHQ's drivers, for XP, i couldn't get any 3d effects to work. Currently i'm experiencing HUGE issues with video (www.stage6.com) all videos that are overlayed experience SEVERE tearing, and as soon as a video plays, windows reports it had to switch to the standard theme. Also, most of my games won't work.

I need help either a. Finding a driver that might have worked for some of you out there that have the GeForce Go 7600 and Vista

or b. Suggestions on how to make due with what i have.

Currently, my business requires i use Windows Vista Business for security reasons, and i cannot reinstall XP again.

Please give me any help you can, i'd appreciate it.


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Im currently using the driver 165.01 on my computer running on Windows Vista Home Premium with NVIDiA GeForce7600. Everything works fine, but I have to say that I still feel that my games are not performing like they should.

Anyone with the same setup can please recommend some other good drivers?

And for setting up the drivers, there are guides all around the forum. Check it out =)

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I'm using 166.22 and i'm also not experiencing the performance i'm used to getting in Vista, without the newest 100 series drivers. Then again, with anything newer than 166.22 i'm getting video tearing due to screwed up overlays. Video NOT overlayed works fine.

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I've tried alot of drivers, and the best I've come across so far are the 16*.** series (currently 163.69, listed as .71 with the modded inf from this site), I've not come across any issue with 3d peformance, however I also feel games could run a hell alot better but i'm putting that down to the tubocache (shared system) with te go 7600 cards slowing things down, still have not managed to find way of disabling this.

An obvious thing to have installed, directx 10 with the following Microsoft hotfixes for geforce/vista computers, these smoothed things out a little and improved picture/animation quality alot.


http://support.microsoft.com/kb/936710/en-us - for SLI cards, I installed it anyway before reading up on my card in further detail.

Provided by the nVidia site... http://www.nvidia.co.uk/object/windows_vis...otfixes_uk.html if you want to read a bit about them.

Hope it helps.

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