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Atheros modded INFs


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Here is my modded INF for the Atheros based Chipsets.

I've tested it with Vista x64 and it enables all the settings that I know of.

I'm having big issues with the AR5008X based WLAN card(s) and my router.

Parity errors are happening far too often for me to keep this card in continual use.

If you have the same problems then the INF mod isn't going to fix it.

It can delay it from happening but will need more tweaking that I've removed (as it means going to 130 or 54Mbps connections)

The INF shouldn't cause parity errors, just enable all the changable settings.

The modded INF should work with all Atheros based chipsets, I've enabled all the PCI_ID's.

Not sure what will happen with older chipsets, as the INF is setup for 11n, the older chipsets should just ignore this.

v1.09 initial release INF 26th September 2007

The below is the INF only !! the driver is elsewhere in the WLAN section.

To install, get driver, uncmpress somewhere, now grab the INF below and REPLACE the orignal INF.

Unistall driver in Device Manger including the files do this until windows detects new hardware and needs a driver (or on older cards till the same driver keeps installing)

Now install with the "windows found new driver' point it to the place where the drivers are.

Thats it.

v7.3.0.73 Vista x86 is here

v7.3.0.73 Vista x64 is here

Now your input will be very much appreciated, are these any good, or crap need some more tweaking, let me know.

enjoy :)

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Does the x86 version work on XP?

If so I might test these, I just checked and I'm running version, lol. (on a 5004 MP, CM9)

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Probably not, you need v6 for this, I could attempt to mod this but cannot really test it.

V7 is NDIS v6 me thinks and v6 is NDIS v5, probably also where Atheros are maybe having issues with as XP drivers works.

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Guest Tabris

Could you please also make a modded INFs for windows xp that solves NMI:Parity error problem?

I enconter this NMI:Parity error often after i replace Intel 3945ABG with Atheros Ar5008 on my vaio ux.

thousands appreciate

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Guest ShadowGuy

Copied this over to the latest drivers ( for my proxim 8480 gold card. Finally I have a working card under x64 vista and all the options possible... great job, thank you.

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